Drain Cleaning & Unblocking

Is your drain causing you problems?  Does your water not drain away – or is it really slow to drain?  Does your toilet not flush like it used to? Are your outdoor drain backed up or not smelling as fragrant as they used to?  Sounds like you should call JD DrainAway.

Drains that are blocked or clogged up can cause issues with waste water backing up into your premises, you may have noticed that water takes ages to flush away from your toilet, bath or sink.  Blockages in pipes gradually occur due to a number of reasons, from issues with tree-roots or garden debris, to build-ups of grease, hair or general waste.  Sewer drains can become blocked or slow for water to drain away due to a build-up of rubbish, or problematic items being flushed away down your toilet.  We clear these sewer drains effectively to allow waste water to escape efficiently.
Hard water can often cause a build-up of minerals which cause deposits to line your pipes over time, our system cleans these deposits away, making sure your pipes are back to their optimal operating performance. Utilising our professional high pressure jet wash rod cleaning systems, we carefully but effectively clean away your pipe blockages, so your water is free to drain away.

Our system is environmentally friendly, using high-pressure water instead of abrasive chemicals which are harmful to the environment and even sometimes damaging to your water removal system.

Many operators simply use the age-old approach of ramming drain-rods down your waste pipe system – this is a short-term fix, as build-ups of debris are not effectively cleaned away.  By using our professional hydro-jet wash cleaning system, your pipes are cleaned effectively, keeping your drains and waste water outlets operating as they should.

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